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The Bangalore Student Gazette

Bangalore's leading student-run newspaper

The Bangalore Student Gazette is an initiative by students at Greenwood High, which aims at enabling students to put forward their perspectives, concerning political, economic, technological and socio-cultural issues, in a newspaper-style format. 

Heading 6

3 min


How NASA Saved Lives... With Brooms

Nihar Sreeram

A Surprising Tale of Resourcefulness: How NASA's Ingenious Use of Brooms Averted Disaster


3 min


Why Big Mac's are used as a price index

Saathvik Beri

As ridiculous as it sounds, it's the truth. The Big Mac index is a price index published  by The Economist in 1986.


5 min

Faith and Fortune: How Religion Shapes Economic Development

Varun Iyer

Unpacking the Complex Relationship Between Religion, Culture, and Economic Prosperity

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